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ZOOSNAP - 'Train your Brain - Education, Memory & Entertainment for the whole Family'!

We have designed ZOOSNAP to allow the whole family to hone their memory skills and they won't even realise it! Our memory game allows the whole family to encourage fun, communication and concentration at a touch of a button - remember the more you play, the better you will become...

It's the Easy, Interactive and a Creative way to capture memory, sound and visuals of everyone's favourite animals at the Zoo!

A classic game of snap without the cards and replaced with adapted images, names and sounds allowing for great fun and increased concentration and memory skill of animals we all love to see at the Zoo!

20 different animals are there to be discovered level by level.

Parents and kids can play along together, remembering to ask questions - what, why and naming as you play to increase awareness to then locate the REAL animal the next time you visit the Zoo!

The challenge is to find matching animals. You open the ZOOSNAP buttons to reveal an animal - find the same animal to reveal its sound and name - the clock is ticking...the quicker you complete the level...more animals and surprises await.

Recognizing, Categorizing, and Relating - Memory, is not just one of the many intellectual skills, it is the MOST IMPORTANT!!!

A good memory is essential to success in School, Work or Play - this can develop everyone's increased ability to listen, read and understand.